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First Time Manager

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New or Upcoming Managers

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Onsite : 3 days
Virtual Classroom : 3 x 3hrs

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On demand : german, italian, spanish and dutch

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This program is designed to help new and aspiring managers understand and master the responsibilities and management of their team or individuals. Throughout the program, participants will explore situational leadership, feedback, motivating and engaging their team, managing conflict, performance, turbulence and distance.

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  • > Master the essential tools to manage the performance of individuals within the team
  • > Understand how to foster a climate of collective performance
  • > Take control and manage performance in turbulent times
  • > Set precise goals
  • > Handle turbulence in a digital context
  • > Maximize individual and collective performances
  • > Understand how to foster a climate of collective performance
  • > Use GROW and identify the best practices to improve one's feedbacks

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They tell you about it

  • Difficult to choose only one element. Here are 3: - I am no longer lost when in my managerial position - the theory: I discovered good practices to put in place - practical cases: I appreciated being able to find myself in small role-playing situations

  • Regular interaction with participants allowing iteration on the subjects; training where you can "pick up" good managerial practices, an excellent mix of theories, cases practices and discussions


Introduction (Program, self-evaluation, exercise, debrief)
Peer coaching
Being clear about the manager's role
Managerial highlights
Managing in hybrid mode
Situational Leadership (Role play, coaching et GROW model)

Setting objectives
Individual motivation & commitment
Feedback & active listening
Emotional intelligence in communication
Delegation & difficult situations

Giving meaning to and linking activity to strategy
Leading & supporting change
Accompanying change
Preparing and leading an effective team meetings
Setting up cooperation and collective dynamics
Energize and celebrate



Teaching approach

An interactive session which relies on fostering collective intelligence principles, learning through peer feedback and experimentation of real life situation.


Onsite and virtual classroom

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Assessment methods

Forms are used to ask three questions before and after the training, in order to measure progress. They are as follows:
- Individual performance: "How do you rate your current performance level when compared to its potential?"
- Collective performance: "How do you rate your level of competence to optimize collective performance?"
- Performance in turbulent times: "How do you rate your ability to perform during turbulent times?"
Un quiz de positionnement et de recueil des attentes est envoyé aux participants avant le programme + Évaluation finale réalisée par le formateur.

Price of the program

The prices of the programs are communicated to the HR Managers.

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