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Our programs

Being a Resilient Leader

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for who?

ExCom, Managers, Support functions, Boost program participants, All employees

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1 day : on-site learning
5*60min : virtual classroom

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Onsite or virtual classroom

This program is designed for managers and executives who wish to build their resilience competences.

The first part of the program will initiate the learners to the basics of personal resilience : understand resilience levers, create calm, stimulate physical vitality, create a performance mindset while insisting on the importance to "lead by the example".
The last part will focus on inter-personal skills - sharing with learners some practical strategies to lead with resilience.
Particular attention is paid to how one will integrate the learning in daily work.

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  • > Discover an integral and preventive approach to resilience
  • > Understand the key factors of resilience
  • > Develop self leadership and managerial competences
  • > Sustain and cultivate energy and optimism in team
  • > Get equipped to navigate challenges with calm and success
  • > Identify resilience habits to integrate in a daily routine

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They tell you about it

  • An engaging and very practical training program

  • The energy and enthusiasm of the facilitator encouraged me to translate concepts into concrete actions


1. Resilience Booster - Kick off - Presentation of the learning program and introduction to the approach
2. Bounce and rejuvenate - Winning behaviours to bounce fast and support others to bounce / Stress mastery techniques
3. Stimulate physical vitality - Energy management
4. Create a performance mindset - Self awareness / Emotion regulation / Attention control / Constructive mindset
5. Lead interactions with resilience - Interpersonal skills



Teaching approach

Theory and practical exercices


On site learning or virtual classroom

Other programs suggested

U.learn related contents


Assessment methods

Expectations and knowledge & skills questionnaire in preparation of the training & Ongoing evaluation.
Final assessment carried out by the trainer.

Price of the program

The prices of the programs are communicated to the HR Managers.

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