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Understanding Energy Revolution

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for who?

Managers (all backgrounds)

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On-site learning : 3 days or
Virtual classroom : 4 half days

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Presential or virtual classroom

This programme is dedicated to understanding the Group's context and challenges in the energy transition towards carbon neutrality from a market & business perspective. It will allow you to :

- Familiarise yourself with the physical and economic foundations of the natural gas, green gas and electricity markets, pricing and market allocation procedures.
- To review the ambitions targeted by the institutions to achieve a decarbonised market and the means available to energy groups to take advantage of this transition and seize new business opportunities.

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  • > Participate in a collective reflection alongside the trainers on the Group's challenges in the energy transition towards carbon neutrality.
  • > Become aware of the economic and business challenges of the Group's new activities and growth drivers: renewable energies, green gas (biomethane, hydrogen, etc.)
  • > Anchor its positioning in the economic, financial and regulatory institutional environment and gain in relevance and efficiency thanks to the networking of many actors present at the training and stakeholders of this revolution
  • > Understand the challenges of the emergence of a low carbon economy and new forms of economy (circular economy, industrial ecology)
  • > Understand the challenges and solutions offered by ENGIE to support our customers and partners towards carbon neutrality
  • > Appreciate and appropriate the levers of action and innovation through concrete and inspiring examples

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They tell you about it

  • The concept of Energy Transition, the use of our actual protfolio of business and turn the investment in new renovable energy

  • I found the presentation on the IOT very informative and was new information for me. I was also interested to learn about the diversity of economies within the APAC region.

  • Meeting various people from ENGIE and get to know the new knowledge and know what is going on for the energy business


> Introduction to the energy and ecology transition
> What is at stakes for a transition towards a low carbon economy
> Electricity value chain: mechanisms, specific challenges, and big evolutions
> Gas value chain : offer and demand fundamentals, gas industry performance, key international actors and maturity of gas markets
> Exercise: economic choices of an electricity producer and supplier

> Economic and business challenges of green gasses (bio methane and hydrogen)
> Economic and business challenges of renewable energies
> Perspective of the « coupling » sector (better integration of gas and electricity systems, in view of synergies)
> Exercise : impact of renewable energies on economic choices

> Importance of customer orientation in new businesses
> Solutions offered by ENGIE to support our customers and partners towards carbon neutrality
> Practice: circular economy and industrial synergies



Teaching approach

This program alternates internal experts interventions and interactive workshops (business game, in-situation role play, worshops…) + an e-learning journey on Ulearn


On-site learning or virtual classroom

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Modalités d’évaluation

Participants are evaluated throughout the training course by application exercises directly after presentation of the concepts and also by a business game at the end of the program, the objective of which is to optimize a portfolio of assets (gas, electricity and renewable energy) incorporating all the concepts learned during the program.

Prix de la formation

The prices of the programs are communicated to the HR Managers.