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All newcomers

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2 days

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FR EN - Other languages depending on the extra-european countries hosting the session

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Get to know everything about the Group, its context, its issues and its stakeholders and become its best ambassadors!

Integrate allows a manager who has recently joined ENGIE to understand the context in which the Group evolves as well as the challenges it faces, to understand its strategy and activities, to grasp the relationships with the main stakeholders and to project himself/herself in his professional development within the Group.

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  • > Explain the energy transition and its consequences for ENGIE
  • > Explain the Group and its specificities: strategic positioning and culture
  • > Describe the group's activities and illustrate them with examples
  • > Identify the main stakeholders
  • > Describe the organization and the way the Group operates
  • > Compare my perception of the Group with that of my peers
  • > Explain the HR talent policies for managers
  • > Apply the Group's work rules in my daily life at work
  • > Apply a strategic analysis model to the company
  • > Build a simple and clear strategic argument about ENGIE

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They tell you about it

  • I would definitely recommend this course to my colleagues, and especially to new starters. The course was well-structured, the guest speakers were extremely knowledgeable and the content each day was absorbing.

  • The speakers were very interesting and unpacked many topics for me that as someone new to the organisation I now have a better understanding

  • I learnt a great deal about the structure of the company, the goals and the direction that the company is taking. I particularly liked the breakout discussions and the variety of topics covered.


Learning activities as part of the digital course on the dedicated U.learn platform.

- The trends impacting the energy sector and the challenges of energy transitions
- The challenges of sustainable development for companies and ENGIE's positioning on this subject
- ENGIE's organization and functioning as well as the challenges that accompany the Group's transformation
- ENGIE's ambition and strategy and their deployment in the entities (concrete illustration of an entity case)
- Preparation in sub-groups of ENGIE's SWOT and identification of a strategic paradox

- ENGIE & its suppliers: A partnership for a sustainable business
- ENGIE & its investors: How do the challenges of the energy and climate transition influence relations with investors ?
- Employee experience and career development opportunities at ENGIE
- Preparation and presentation of the strategic paradox of the subgroups to a member of the ENGIE Executive Committee

Learning activities as part of the digital journey on the dedicated U.Learn platform.



Teaching approach

  • Interactive sessions
  • Subgroup works
  • Pitch exercise
  • Quizzes
  • Keynote speeches with senior executives & discussions
  • Group discussions
  • Videos
  • Professional network activities



Other programs suggested

U.learn related contents

  • Digital journey

Assessment methods

Expectations and knowledge & Skills questionnaire in preparation of the training & Post-session knowledge quiz

Price of the program

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