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Sustainable Business for all

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Managers (Support functions: communication, HR, finance and management control, audit,... / Operations / New managers)

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Residential format : 4 x 3 hours spread over 2 days
Virtual classroom format : 4 x 3 hours spread over 2 weeks

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E-learning + Virtual classrooms OR E-learning + Residential

Becoming a key stakeholder of the transition to a carbon neutral economy leads us to adapt our ways of working, to develop our skills and know-how, and to transform our activities.

The Sustainability Academy offers a training program designed to help all managers implement the Group's ambition.
ENGIE experts whose business sustainability issues are at the heart of their daily work will work on the following issues as part of the course :
• The influence of sustainability issues on the company, its strategy and its business model
• Climate change and technological solutions to face it
• The business challenge of decarbonization for the company
• Sustainability and stakeholder engagement

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  • > Describe the processes that drive the sustainability issues of our time
  • > Explain how these issues impact corporate strategies and their business models
  • > Identify the tools and solutions of the economic world to face climate change
  • > Understand the business issues of decarbonation and its basic principles
  • > Participate in stakeholders' commitments within the framework of a CSR policy

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They tell you about it

  • Excellent how this course puts things in context and consolidates sometimes vague information.

  • Very interesting with concrete examples, this course will have a lot of impact on all of us.

  • I fully recommend!


Describe the phenomena that govern the sustainability issues of our time and explain how they impact corporate strategies and their business model:
- The major challenges of our time: climate change, environmental, social and societal challenges
- Influence of sustainability issues on business strategies: objectives, motivations and risks of a company associated with these issues
- Role and perspectives of the energy sector: energy transition, scenarios, ambitions and positioning of energy players
- ENGIE case study

Understanding the business challenges of decarbonation and its basic principles
• The carbon challenge in the major business sectors
• Levers and basic principles of carbon accounting
• Decarbonization of clients: issues, indicators and impact

Identify the tools and the solutions of the economic world to face the climate change:
• Calculation and control methods: social cost of carbon, carbon tax, Emission Trading System, carbon budget (explanations and illustration of a concrete case)
• Ways and means to achieve CO2 reduction: concept and principles of carbon elimination
• The other greenhouse gases involved in global warming: what is their responsibility and how can they be reduced?

Understand and participate in Corporate Social Responsibility issues that embody the interaction between business and society:
• CSR regulations: soft law-hard law
• Environmental, social and governance criteria of international financial institutions
• ENGIE's purpose
• Methodology and tools for stakeholder engagement: demonstration and business case


E-learning path "Business change maker" (1h) + E-learning path Ambition Net Zero Carbon (45 min)

Teaching approach

This program includes masterclasses led by internal experts and interactive activities: case studies, practical application, workshops, role-playing games and testimonials from operational entities, as well as e-learning available on U.learn.


Non résidential

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Modalités d’évaluation

A positioning and expectations quiz is sent to participants before the program. A knowledge qui is sent to participants after the program. These quizzes allow us to measure the progress of the participants, and a minimum threshold is required n the quiz to validate the training.

Prix de la formation

The prices of the programs are communicated to the HR Managers.