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Risk & Contract Management for Industrial Projects

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for who?

Senior project managers, business developers, support functions (risk, legal, purchasing).

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On-site learning : 2 days +e-learning
Virtual classroom learning : 4*3h + e-learning

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FR - EN (Support in english)

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On-site or Virtual Classroom + e-learning

This program is initiated by the Projects Operational Department (DOP) and the Risk Management Department.
It strengthens the common culture, reiterates the fundamentals, the ENGIE tools and methods, and it dives into various critical phases of industrial project development and execution. Via recreations of tangible ENGIE case studies, participants share their views and discuss the best practices to adopt and implement Group tools and methods.

Targeted audience: Project manager senior, business developers, risk, legal, procurement officers.

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  • > Optimise risk management and contract management in each project team, and more specifically for project managers and business developers as project leaders
  • > Share and exchange ENGIE best practices based on real case studies from error analysis on some key projects
  • > Use the tools and supports available at ENGIE to help the project teams.

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They tell you about it

  • Very interesting facilitator with a lot of experience. Very rewarding. I was interested in risk management.

  • Gives a good general vision of PRM, certainly dedicated to big projects, but the return is to have good principles to adapt which is the goal and well explained.

  • The different exchanges between colleagues from different entities. Sharing of experiences.

  • The concrete cases evoked in the session, with a very good and experienced facilitator illustrating his remarks very regularly with examples from real projects. Another very good thing: a lot of time left for exchange, reactions, discussions.


*Module 1
- Describe how the Project Risk Management (PRM) - Guide integrates risk and opportunity management into project management.
- Explain how the PRM Guide adds value during the development and execution phases.
- Identify the Group's tools and methodologies to be used in PRM
- Clarify which PRM deliverables to use in the development and execution phases

*Module 2
- Based on 3 case studies resulting from the analysis of failures in certain projects, identify the strategic risks, the transfer (Handover) from Development to Execution and the evolution of risks during the execution phase
- Share good practices of ENGIE risk management.
- Use the tools and support available within ENGIE for risk management.

*Module 3
- Self-assessment quiz
- Identify the roles and responsibilities of the Business Developer and the Project Manager at each stage of the contracting process
- Use the tools dedicated to Contract Management

*Module 4
- Setting up and writing a contract execution strategy
- Understand the functioning of a market and its actors
- Selecting contractors with the help of Purchasing or category managers
- Define the characteristics of a good contract and draft specific clauses
- Maintain good relations with contractors


Project Management

Teaching approach

  • 2 days of on-site learning
  • Or, 2*2 half-days of virtual classroom learning, over 2 weeks


On site learning or virtual classroom

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Assessment methods

A positioning and expectations quiz is sent to participants before the program. A knowledge qui is sent to participants after the program.
These quizzes allow us to measure the progress of the participants, and a minimum threshold is required n the quiz to validate the training.

Price of the program

The prices of the programs are communicated to the HR Managers.

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