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Mastering the Matrix

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Onsite - 2 Days + 1 x 1h Application Accelerator (Digital)
Digital - 4 x 3h Workshops, 1 x 1h Application Accelerator

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Onsite or Virtual Classroom

Working in a matrix brings amazing opportunities for more interesting work, expanding your network and increasing your exposure… and it also has its challenges: increased ambiguity, competing goals, accountability without control and influence without authority become the norm.
Decisions and collaboration can become more complex, often with too many people involved.  In this new program, we want to build the mindset and skillset required to thrive and make the matrix work for you and your teams.
We aim to help managers navigate their way through the matrix. You will discover how the mindset you choose will impact your experience and effectiveness.
We bring attention to the key challenges you are facing and how, by using some practical tools, you overcome these and make the matrix work for you!

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  • > Clarifying and understanding the context and implications of matrix working and how to take more ownership.
  • > Identify how you can deal with competing priorities.
  • > Building effective matrix communities by staying connected with your people and colleagues.
  • > Optimizing matrix collaboration by speeding up decision making and learn how to influence without authority.
  • > Assimilate the keys to empower others and find the right balance between trust and control.

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They tell you about it

  • The program well addresses the current situation of Engie after reorganization. I highlight the issues faced in matrix environment and provides good tools to address those issues. Also, session was very interactive, well delivered

  • I liked that the interacting with peers regarding the matrix in Engie

  • Joff keeps the whole team dynamic . good balance of theory & practice

  • It was a ‘game changer’ for me and I have recommended, to my colleagues here, that they jump at the opportunity to participate


Setting the context – what and why?
Getting the right mindset
Taking ownership of ambiguity
Resolving conflict

Actively managing our networks
Breaking down our silos by bridging
Balance the heartbeat of communication
Take control of our image and visibility

Cut out unnecessary collaboration
Speed up decision-making
Clarify collaboration across the matrix: who does what, and when?
Influence without authority

Set the right balance between trust and control
Embrace accountability without control
Embed a mindset of “positive failure” and learning

Recap of core content
Review of what participants have applied
Determine what participants will do next



Teaching approach

The program combines theoretical input during live workshops, practical exercises, application in day-to-day work and peer-coaching.


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Assessment methods

Participants complete a matrix diagnostic to measure the existing level of matrix maturity; they complete the same after the program to see impact of learning.
Ongoing evaluation throughout the program through individual or group exercises and plenary debriefs.
Participants will also attend a return on learning session to share how effective they have been implementing the tools into their day-to-day work.
Final assessment carried out by the trainer

Price of the program

The prices of the programs are communicated to the HR Managers.

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