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Strategic Leader

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2 days / 4x3Hrs

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EN - (FR Possible)

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Virtual Classroom and in-person

Strategic leadership requires different skills and perspectives than those required by day-to-day operational leadership. Organizations need leaders who can set a strategic direction and implement it, both of which require us to make many decisions. However, research in cognitive sciences and in behavioral economics has shown that we tend to commit systematic, predictable mistakes when making such decisions.

Getting the decisions right is only part of the challenge, leaders also need to disentangle the decision process from decision making and implementation. Leaders are responsbile for turning two dials and if they get the balance right they have growth, if they get it wrong, they have chaos and frustration. Where are you and your teams?

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In this program, we will look at two different aspects of strategic leadership :

  • > How to become a better strategic decision maker for your company, individually and by leveraging collective intelligence
  • > How to focus on how decisions are made by leveraging intentional leadership to empower others to make decisions

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They tell you about it

  • "Day 1 on strategic decision making - highly credible and engaging making excellent trainers. They are not afraid of questions and encourage debate."

  • "The instruction was very strong and the program was very well organized."

  • "Super Teachers. Small group. Very interactive."


- Deciding in a VUCA environment
- Mobilizing Collective Intelligence in the Context of Transformation

- The Leader as a Decision Process Architect
- The Promise and Process of Decentralising Decision Making



Teaching approach

  • Experimentation
  • Observation and feedback between peers
  • Peer group work
  • Business case studies


Non residential or Virtual classroom

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