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Qualiopi certification


ENGIE University certified Qualiopi: dual recognition after CLIP accreditation

Qualiopi, a French standard
This quality certification of training organisations in the vocational training sector in France was implemented by the Ministry of Labour and came into effect in 2022. Its objectives are:
• to certify the quality of the process implemented by the training organisations contributing to the development of skills
• to facilitate the legibility of the training offer proposed by the training organisations to the companies and the public.

This certification is a guarantee for our stakeholders of a quality training offer, both in terms of content and pedagogy and the operational deployment of the training portfolio:
• rigorous deployment processes to inform our stakeholders and engage learners, to support any specific adaptation needs for our training courses (people with disabilities), to offer high-level training conditions by ensuring the most appropriate means and frameworks
• methods and processes adapted to ensure quality in terms of content and teaching methods of the training delivered: effective continuous improvement, evaluation of the learners' knowledge and skills
• stakeholder management methods (learners, trainers, internal clients, funders) for: to evaluate the quality of our training courses, to adapt and co-construct training courses that meet the needs of participants and sponsors.

Very precise quality criteria
The audit is based on 32 indicators divided into 7 criteria:
• The conditions for informing the public about the services offered, the time required to access them and the results obtained.
• The precise identification of the objectives of the proposed services and the adaptation of these services to the beneficiary public, when designing the services.
• The adaptation of the services and of the reception, support, follow-up and evaluation methods implemented to the beneficiary public.
• The adequacy of the educational, technical and supervisory resources for the services provided.
• Qualification and development of the knowledge and skills of the teams in charge of implementing the services.
• The registration and investment of the provider in his professional environment.
• Collecting and taking into account the assessments and complaints made by the parties involved in the services provided.

* CLIP (Corporate Learning Improvement Process) is an accreditation issued by the EFMD (European Foundation for Management Development), which certifies the quality of the design and operation of corporate universities.