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EPC Contracts Journey (Engineering, Purchasing, Construction)

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On-Site : 2 days

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This programme is developed by the Legal Department and the Projects Operations Department (DOP) and covers specific and complex matters related to our EPC (Engineering, Procurement & Construction) contracts.
The objective of this training is to improve ENGIE's performance by increasing our internal expertise. By sharing it, we hope to: streamline negotiations, build a culture of excellence, empower ourselves to select the right contract formation structure, avoid complications and claims and ultimately protect ENGIE's interests.

During this course you will not only learn how to take the best approach to an EPC contract from ENGIE's perspective, but you will also put yourself in the contractor's shoes.

This course will improve your observation and analysis skills, help you to better understand risk allocation and generally deepen your knowledge of contracts through the examination of a series of ENGIE-related case studies and real clauses.

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  • > Review legally complex documents and describe their structure and explain their commercial, financial and technical interactions
  • > Describe typical risk allocation using the EPC contract template
  • > Identify tools and best practices and be able to use them in the context of real cases
  • > Create value with EPC contracts in the context of stakeholder relations (clients, banks, contractors)

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They tell you about it

  • The trainers! Being from ENGIE, they had a lot of experience and knowhow on the functioning of the group, which brings added value.

  • They've brought a rather dry content alive with a lot of humor and practical examples.

  • Talking through the different types of EPC contracts and the different mechanisms in it. Helps to understand why some EPC contracts have issues while others are a success.

  • The real life examples were excellent; pace was very good; outstanding content overall; very good slides.

  • The instructors performances. They were very clear and sharing with us every detail of the course, particularly the workshops and the detailed explanation of every topic.


Preparatory work before the course with a document to read and a quiz to do on U.Learn



Teaching approach

Plenary, reading material, quiz, klaxoon, subgroup work


On site learning

Other programs suggested

U.learn related contents


Assessment methods

A positioning and expectations quiz is sent to participants before the program. A knowledge qui is sent to participants after the program. These quizzes allow us to measure the progress of the participants, and a minimum threshold is required n the quiz to validate the training.

Price of the program

The prices of the programs are communicated to the HR Managers.

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