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Hydrogen day – focus on technique and regulation

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for who?

People that are developping H2 project and in particular BD (Business Developers), TPM (Technical Project Management), Projects managers New architects involved in Hydrogen Process.
Other people interested.

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1 day (7hours)

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On-site learning

This cross GBU program is mainly intended for Business Developers, project managers, architects and technical project managers working on hydrogen issues.
It will give you the keys to understanding the following topics

Electrolyser :
- What are the technologies used today in electrolysers? How do they work? What are their performances? How is the electrolysis market constituted? Who are the market players? How to size an integrated H2 renewable value chain?

European legislative framework :
- What are the regulations in place in Europe regarding hydrogen? What are the rules for hydrogen production, transport, distribution and consumption?

E-molecule :
- Why e-fuels and UCDs? What are the processes? Why adopt a flexible and integrated process?

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  • > Electrolysis - Master the techniques of electrolysis and how its components work - Describe the electrolysis market (players and market prospects) - Give orders of magnitude for sizing hydrogen and renewable energy production facilities
  • > European legislative framework for renewable and low carbon hydrogen - Become familiar with the European legislative and regulatory context and the funds available for the deployment of hydrogen projects in Europe
  • > CCU - CO2 capture and use and e-fuel - Understand what the major components of an e-fuel production system are and how and why this process should be integrated and flexible

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They tell you about it

  • I definitely learned a lot.

  • Well organized, interesting course given by trainers who know their content very well.


- Explain ENGIE's strategy, ambitions and current activities

- General info
- H2 production principle / Performances / Lay-out
- Distribution and storage
- H2 Electrolyser technologies Market and Supplier Strategy
- Who are the H2 Architects and what do they do?
- Integrated H2 value chain
- Costing Tool HyDash

- H2 in EU legislation general overview
- H2 production (RED DAs)
- H2 transport and distribution (Gas Package)
- H2 consumption
In industry (RED, EU ETS)
In aviation (ReFuel Aviation, EU ETS)
In maritime transport (Fuel EU Maritime, EU ETS)
In road transport (RED, AFIR, CO2 standards)
- H2 Funding
- Quiz / Q&A

- Introduction: Why e-fuels and CCU?
- Basics of CCU processes
- Flexible and integrated CCU processes: why ?
- Columbus – A CCU project overview



Teaching approach

On-site learning

  • Participatory presentation
  • Group activities
  • Q&A


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Price of the program

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