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Virtual classroom : 6 workshops of 2,5hours (6*2,5h)
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A series of 6 remote workshops, for 12 participants, each lasting 2.5 hours, led by a single coach.

Evolve is designed to help employees build their next career step within the Group. Over the course of 6 remote workshops lasting 2.5 hours, the 12 participants learn to get to know themselves better, highlight their strengths, identify their motivations and the working conditions that suit them. They are then coached to build their individual development plan and work on their ability to talk about themselves and their career path in an authentic and powerful way.
Evolve also relies on the power of teamwork, with fruitful practical exercises and feedback from fellow learners.

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  • > Develop your autonomy to become fully involved in your career and professional development
  • > Getting to know yourself, identifying your strengths and driving forces, defining your levers for development
  • > Learn to talk about yourself and your career path in a powerful way
  • > Build an individual development plan

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- List the key moments in your personal and professional life
- Identify the essential elements of your personality (roots, desires, dreams, qualities)
- Make an inventory of your resource people, mentors and role models
- In pairs, learn how to talk about yourself authentically, without storytelling
- In small groups, practise active listening

- List the skills you have acquired in your professional and personal life
- Understand the concept of intrinsic motivation. Distinguish between "knowing how to do" and "liking to do"
- Identify the skills you want to acquire or strengthen for the future
- Draw up a summary list of your high added-value skills (fulfilment x mastery)
- Build a pitch for your "super-powers" and test it in small groups

- Distinguish between meaning "in oneself" and meaning "for oneself"
- Identify your essence, the impact you want to have around you (builder, innovator, unifier, etc.)
- Write a first draft of your "why" and share it in pairs
- In small groups, define the initial avenues for expressing this in the the company (missions, innovative areas, cross-functional projects) and in your personal life (involvement in associations, culture, etc.)

- Describe your fundamental needs in terms of your working environment and work/life balance
- Identify your current areas of alignment and misalignment in order to identify intentions for courses of action
- In pairs, diagnose your overall why/what/how alignment

- Choose at least one course of action
- In small groups, identify whether it depends on you or on the actions of others (manager, HR, entourage, etc.)
- In pairs, identify a limiting belief and best practices to gradually overcome them

- Write a pitch about yourself from the perspective of why/what/how and courses of action
- In small groups: make your pitch and receive feedback
- Practise a posture and key phrases to use when faced with a rejection
- Take a step back from your career path



Teaching approach

Groups of up to 12 people, ongoing coaching and feedback from an expert consultant, theoretical inputs and collective and individualised practical advice.


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