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The Remote Leadership Labs

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Managers ; Talents

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3,5Hrs x 4 days

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French ; English (other languages at BU Request)

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Virtual Classroom

The accelerated transition to a hybrid work environment, coupled with the current boom of remote working, has a big impact on how we lead and sustain high engagement levels across the organization. The program aims at stimulating collective intelligence and share best practices in leading teams at distance, so that every participant can walk away with what works best for them and their teams.

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  • > Support the Leadership Way model even in the context of remote teams
  • > Support leaders in the change of work organization (remote work / hybrid teams / multisites teams...)
  • > Equip leaders of remote teams with practical, efficient tools in order to support them and achieve the same level of engagement, wellbeing and performance in distance as in face-to-face
  • > Gaining efficiency in onboarding processes in a remote context

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They tell you about it

  • Superb facilitation, very timely and important topics and the exercises/discussions were excellent. The content we covered and skills I learned will be very helpful in my leadership as we move forward.

  • Networking with my peers accross the organization was great! Hearing of similar concerns and being able to provide support and "solutions" was a rewarding experience, while learning new tools that can be implemented across the entire organization.


The program is a four-module program to boost remote engagement levels, each module dealing with a key topics with strong remote stakes:

Managing strategic stakeholders - including clients - in digital mode

Remote management of tensions & conflicts

The engagement of teams in the context of distance leadership

Building resilience and Trust in a remote environment



Teaching approach

The Remote Leadership program is designed in such a way as to allow participants to bring their own issues into the room. The underlying hypothesis is that there is no “onesize-
fits all” manual for leaders to run business operations in digital format.
Depending on the nature of the activity, the corporate structure, the team setup and the personality types that are having to interact, the mix of solutions can vary, just like in the
non-virtual world. The four modules are designed to stimulate collective intelligence and share best practices, so that every
participant can walk away with what works best for them.


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