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Team Accelerate

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4 Days (non-consecutive days spread over 4 to 6 months – teamwork between sessions)

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Face to face

How to strengthen the leadership of a management team or an executive committee to improve its performance? <\span>

If you’re part of such a team and facing this challenge, Team Accelerate is for you ! This powerful group coaching is based on 2 building blocks:
• Team Dynamics to strengthen team cohesion and their ability to cooperate
• Business Transformation which, building on the power of the team, will encourage calculated risk-taking to challenge the status quo and transform the business.

To assess the team maturity with regards to the ENGIE Leadership Way, the journey includes a collective 360° feedback which will guide its development over time.

Through agile and innovative approaches, it will also be able to find new solutions to deliver higher performance.

Teams may choose to focus on the Team Dynamics part of the program or to go through the whole journey and include the Business Transformation experience for more impact. The offer will be adapted to your needs.

Targeted audience: BU or functional MC

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  • > Cooperating effectively as a team
  • > Building higher value in agile mode
  • > Sustainably transforming the business

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They tell you about it

  • Brussels, September 2019

    The open sharing, the awareness that we can improve together and the concrete action points. (Brussels)

  • Brussels, September 2019

    Increase of the sense of belonging to a team. Ability to provide and receive open and fair feedback to one another. Demonstration of the value of the co-construction and collaborative work. (Brussels)

  • Brussels, November 2019

    The simplicity of the tools that allow a true and transparent team discussion. We were provided with time and resources to become more aligned as a team, and therefore ultimately more performant. (Brussels)


Team Preparation
> Answer the team survey (360°)
> CEO interview
> Team members interviews
> Analysis of the IQ, ELS and Engie & Me

How can we move to a higher performance team?
Duration: 1,5 days

> Feedback survey + 360° > Validate readiness to move
> Collectively understand what it means to be a high performing team
> Enhance trust, mutual accountability, capabilities and attitude

How can build high value in a lean and agile mode?
Duration: 2 days (1 day + 2 half-days)

> Identify a new product/strategic initiative/new opportunities/innovation
> Practice the key elements of design thinking approach
> Design prototype for a specific target
> Incorporate strategic partnerships to deliver the prototype

How will we achieve BU and team sustainability ?
Duration : 0,5 day

> Define organizational changes to support team performance sustainability
> Review prototype and implementation plan
> Reflect on use of agile techniques and decide decide how to further embed within BU
> Follow-up on how to keep the team “energy” high
> Become a role model of operational team across the BU



Teaching approach

  • Group coaching
  • collective intelligence
  • agile approaches



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