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Sustainable Business Models

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format e-learning (3h) & virtual classroom learning (3h)

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e-learning & virtual classroom learning

ENGIE's strategic ambition to be the leader of the energy transition leads us to adapt our ways of doing things and of developing our activities.
This training gives you the opportunity to discover new business perspectives and to get initiated to the mechanism behind the Sustainable Business Models (SBM): customer-centric and sustainable development-oriented.
You will find out how to transform volume based business models into value based ones. Depending on your activity, you will be able to give a general definition of sustainable business models (usage-based & results-based), based on one or two concrete examples.

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  • > Define volume based & value based business models
  • > Name some of the concepts and characteristics underlying the notion of Sustainable Business Models
  • > Give some concrete examples of Sustainable Business Models
  • > Explain the link between this concept and the ENGIE strategy

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They tell you about it

  • Fascinating topic: real life-time examples of industry leaders innovating; well delivered; well structured; good management and leadership of the group. I really enjoyed this training and it provided me 'food for thought

  • Excellent eye-opening examples. The training has given new direction to business approach


a questions forum to get help from the trainer is included; self-postioning and final tests are included

intervention-restitution of the trainer; an interview-debate with an ENGINE expert; key takeaways wrap-up


Net Zero Carbon Ambition

Teaching approach


  • Digital journey: e-learning
  • Masterclass: flipped classroom approach


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