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Sustainable Business Models

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On-site: 3h + e-learning (3h)
Virtual classroom: 3h + e-learning (3h)

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On-site or virtual classroom

ENGIE's strategic ambition to be leader of the energy transition leads us to adapt and transform our activities.
This training gives you the opportunity to discover new business perspectives and to get initiated to the mechanism behind the sustainable business models: customer, and more generally, stakeholders oriented. You will find out how to transform a volume-centered business model into a value-centerd business model (usage or results-based).

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  • > Define in general terms a volume-based and value-based business model
  • > Quote some concepts and characteristics underlying the notion of sustainable business models
  • > Distinguish between sustainable usage-based and results-based business models
  • > Quot some concrete examples
  • > Identify what the link is between this concept and ENGIE's strategy

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They tell you about it

  • Fascinating topic: real life-time examples of industry leaders innovating; well delivered; well structured; good management and leadership of the group. I really enjoyed this training and it provided me 'food for thought

  • Excellent eye-opening examples. The training has given new direction to business approach


Sustainable Business Models are addressed through a flipped classroom approach:

E-learning modules undertaken individually by the participants

Masterclass to deep-dive into business models innovation in a sustainable world:
• What is a sustainable business model as opposed to classical business models?
• Innovation on business models: the key differences between results-based and use-based business models
• Characteristics underlying the concept of sustainable business model: e.g. immaterial resources, positive externalities...
• Concrete examples of sustainable business models
• How sustainable business models relate to ENGIE’s key activities?


E.learning "Sustainable Business Models (175 min)

Teaching approach

This program proposes e-learning modules, flipped classroom masterclass, case studies, group discussions, check-out methodology to identify a sustainable business model.


On-site or virtual classroom

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Modalités d’évaluation

A needs assessment will be sent to the participants beforehand.
A quiz at the end of the training will allow to evaluate the acquired knowledge.
This quiz measures the progress of the participants, and a minimum threshold is required to validate the training.

Prix de la formation

The prices of the programs are communicated to the HR Managers.