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Stakeholders Engagement for Industrial Projects

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2 days + e-learning

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FR - EN - ESP (sur demande de BU)

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On-site + e-learning

This course teaches participants to share a common vision and implement stakeholders engagement in industrial projects.
Thanks to case studies and role playing, participants take on board the tools, methods and behaviours required for building and maintaining quality relations aiming at securing the project approval and integration driven in the local ecosystem.

Insight is also given into the requirements of international financial institutions.

Targeted audience : Project Managers, Business Developers, People in charge of stakeholders management.

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  • > Acquire tools and methods to engage and manage the relationship with stakeholders during the project life cycle
  • > Put in place an adequate stakeholders strategy in various project situations
  • > Adopt adequate associate behaviour and compliant with the Group’s values

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They tell you about it

  • Actual examples of the benefits of stakeholder mapping and how significant the risk is if not thoroughly thought through, planned and initiated.

  • El expertise y feedback de los instructores, los ejercicios basados en casos reales, ¡excelentes instructores! ¡Fabuloso que el curso fue en Expañol!

  • Hearing about and working on specific concrete examples of ENGIE. Hearing about examples of project failure due to a lack of stakeholder engagement – business case.

  • Role play. Realistic cases based on real Group history. Insights about new regulation constraints at French and international level. Hard and soft law porosity.


E-learning preparation (1,5 hour): identify the major components of Stakeholders Engagement for ENGIE and map your stakeholders.

> Prepare, hold and follow-up meetings with stakeholders, understand each stakeholder’s interest and agenda in order to find solutions. Put yourself in the shoes of others
> Co-construct a common solution to a stakeholders engagement issue in an Industrial Project situation
> Socio environmental requirements of financial institutions
> Stakeholders analysis. Tools and techniques. Stakeholders and issues mapping and prioritization

> Get update on ENGIE’s Industrial Projects and IPOS supporting activities
> Analyze stakeholders’ expectations in the definition of a business model
> Assess the potential impact of the normative porosity of some “soft law” components that can have “hard law” consequences on your project
> Improving stakeholders engagement in the project life cycle: BD / Implementation / Operation



Teaching approach

  • E-learning and presential


On-site learning

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Modalités d’évaluation

A positioning and expectations quiz is sent to participants before the program. A knowledge qui is sent to participants after the program. These quizzes allow us to measure the progress of the participants, and a minimum threshold is required n the quiz to validate the training.

Prix de la formation

The prices of the programs are communicated to the HR Managers.