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6 to 9 Months

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Face to face

This program enables around 30 top executives et experts to set up a think and do tank which, on the Group’s Executive Committee request, explores a transversal strategic topic and seeks practical means of addressing the issue to respond to ENGIE’s future challenges in its different areas of activity.

The SemaFor lasts over a period of 6 to 9 months and consists of three modules organized as follows:

1st module: develop a common understanding of the proposed topic

2nd module: define a common vision and strategy with regard to the topic

3rd module: write down concrete recommendations and an action plan

The work carried out during the program is enriched by expert speakers, by learning expeditions organized within companies as well as national and international organizations involved in the addressed subject.

The conclusions, recommendations and an action plan of the participants are presented to the Group’s ComEx for implementation.

Targeted audience: Global talent

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  • > Support and enrich strategic thinking about ENGIE’s development
  • > Identify and share best practices and less successful experiences within and outside the Group
  • > Identify, qualify and quantify development opportunities and challenges for ENGIE, and formulate recommendations for the Group’s Executive Committee
  • > Promote the establishment of networks within the Group in order to strengthen cooperation and create value

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They tell you about it

  • January 2019

    How practical the program is, how great the facilitator is and how diverse the group of participants is.

  • April 2019

    the professional approach of every member (tutors&collegues), the shared values and vision. the connection among us our will to effectively contribute to the common goal

  • April 2019

    Opportunity to speak directly with other organisations. Great networking, great fun, well focused and structured. final venue was amazing.


What is the SemaFor about?

> What is the strategic issue at stake?

> Where do we want to go and how?

> What are the key recommandations?

Presentation of the recommendations to the sponsor & CODIR


Be selected by the management, be involved and present during the 3 modules

Teaching approach

  • Expert speakers
  • Workshops
  • Learning expeditions
  • Testimonies


Residential : 3 modules (2.5 days ; 4 days ; 2.5 days)

Accomodation and travel expenses are to be boren by the participants

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