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Sales Excellence

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Virtual class: 4 half days
Optional, a half-day individual course including a 360° sales evaluation, debriefing & coaching.

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Dutch - Spanish

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Virtual Class

Moving from know-how to how-to: a unique approach to be discovered without delay!

Sales Excellence aims to enable managers to master sales skills and customer intimacy in ENGIE solution and partnership sales contexts. It allows them to deepen their success behaviors, relational skills and leadership to offer the best experience to the customer.

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  • > Identify the best practices to strategically prepare client meetings
  • > Assimilate methods to influence effectively
  • > Adopt communication tools to be successful in client meetings
  • > Identify the right questions to ask to create a relationship of trust
  • > Learn and apply methods to respond to objections
  • > Understand the value and benefit for the customer
  • > Know how to propose an offer and convince the customer
  • > Close a deal

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They tell you about it

  • All the principles are very applicable to all segments of sales

  • I liked the overall sharing that we usually don't have on different stages of sales cycle

  • I liked how the lessons are learned interactively, using role play


As an option, we can start the course with a one-hour sequence to introduce the objectives and what is expected from the participants. This is also an opportunity to plan the 360° sales evaluations and individual debriefs.

Getting back to basics about customer proximity is the objective of this session. It allows all participants to focus on the key concepts and skills related to selling:
> understand the definition of selling and learn how to sell yourself
> optimize your impact as a Business Developer with the sense of detail (laws of influence)
> understand how your perceptions influence your success

This session allows you to master key business skills:
> learn how to use your network and make it sell for you: guarantee active referrals
> reflect on your ability to generate proximity with your customers by applying the "trust equation" to your business reality
> grasp the power of questions, actively listen, exert positive influence, handle objections and build trust through engaging role-play
> learn the technique to "break the ice" and get your customer to open up in conversation

Successfully selling complex solutions requires a specific approach. Be prepared to challenge your customer and learn to:
> Accept and process the customer's opinions and emotions.
> receive and collect feedback to evolve.
> prepare your meeting with the customer so that you can react to unexpected events with confidence and competence. Practical application with toolbox
> Participate in customer conversations, speaking their language. Translate Engie's key selling point into a unique reason for customers to buy

This session allows you to discover the real needs of customers by mastering the techniques of probing and relevant questions:
> learn how to present an offer and get feedback from everyone on the content and form of your proposal
> learn to know who to influence for decision making and identify the chances of success
> be confident using a doctor's attitude and get your counterpart to commit



Teaching approach

The proposed format seeks to maximize the assimilation of key skills to excel in sales:

  • > small group of learners: 8 people max for 1 trainer or 16 people max for 2 trainers
  • > experiential training with group activities and role plays
  • > action learning assignment
  • > 360° evaluation and debriefing (optional)
  • > individual coaching (optional)


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Modalités d’évaluation

Expectations and knowledge & Skills questionnaire in preparation of the training & Ongoing evaluation

Prix de la formation

For more information on the price of the course, please contact us at the following address: