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Managing for Diversity & Inclusion

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60 mins e-learning + 3.5 hour virtual classroom

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Virtual Classroom + e-learning

This training is designed to create a common understanding of diversity and inclusion among participants in order to foster a culture of trust, respect and inclusion. Help participants understand the power of a gender balanced, diverse and inclusive workplace and how each of us can contribute to an inclusive culture.

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  • > Identify the complexity of diversity and the subtleties of inclusion and exclusion
  • > Acquire the means to assess the emotional and behavioural impact of inclusion and exclusion
  • > Apply the practical steps to greater inclusion at work

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They tell you about it

  • I enjoyed most the original and new approach on the psychological side, the gaze of others, the looking at oneself

  • I like the insights, the talk we had in the breakout room about inclusion, the trainer, the workbook

  • The insights provided that highlighted and made us think deeper about why we feel excluded or feel different e.g. salience, seeing others, layers of complexity, how leaders include and exclude and the framework for reflections

  • The content and presenters were amazing


Reconnect with the online module and summarise learnings from the module and the personal challenges with inclusion.

Increase awareness of the complexity of diversity and the subtlety of inclusion and exclusion.
Identity salience and identity complexity
Self and other reflection

Enhance sensitivity to the emotional and behavioural impact of inclusion and exclusion.
How leaders include and exclude
Enhancing inclusion in teams
Shaping and Manifestation of Bias in Teams
Team dynamics reflection

Steps to further inclusion at work within one’s sphere of influence.
Enhancing Inclusion in Teams - Application to Work Settings
Working on own Inclusion Challenge
Valuing Differences


Understanding Diversity, Inclusion and Gender Balance e-learning

Teaching approach

Taking a blended learning approach participants will undertake self-paced e-learning prior to joining a faculty led online workshop where concepts will be anchored through sub-group discussions and activities, and additional academic input to deepen participant understanding of the power of diversity and inclusion.


Virtual Classroom

Other programs suggested

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Modalités d’évaluation

An evaluation questionnaire is conducted prior to the training: they evaluate themselves on awareness of Role & Identity in Inclusion and In/out group dynamics in their own team, followed by a post-evaluation including: A qualitative reflection on learning and an assessment of learning at the end of the training

Prix de la formation

The prices of the programs are communicated to the HR Managers.