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Leadership in Health & Safety

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2 days

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FR - EN + other Group languages (NL, ES, PT, ...)

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On-site learning or virtual classroom

This program allows the operational managers to assess the Health and Safety issues in the Group.
By integrating the appropriate methods and tools, managers will be able to have a lasting impact on the Group’s behaviours and operational performance.
Designed in three-stage process (e-learning, on-site, webex), this program covers the best practices and processes related to the prevention of operational risks, industrial risks, psychosocial risks.

Targeted audience: Operational managers of all the countries
The presence of a Group Senior Executive during the conclusion of this program, demonstrates management’s investment in this field.

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  • > To understand the role and duties of the manager in developing a proactive and shared Health and Safety culture.
  • > To familiarise you with the Group’s policies and rules with a view to devising and implementing action plans within a coherent framework.
  • > To learn how to promote quality of life at work for employees and measure the human and social factors relating to the prevention of psychosocial risks.
  • > To share the Health and Safety experiences and practices of managers in the Group enabling to improve our collective performance.

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They tell you about it

  • Singapore, August 2019

    We thought the course is extremely good, as it is intensively focused on the course of our work safety and health. We would recommend conducting this course as a Refresher Course on a yearly

  • Singapore, August 2019

    Overall, it changes my perception of safety and this is something I bring back to my team to share with them the importance of making safety an aspect in their lives, rather than a rule to follow.

  • Singapore, August 2019

    Training was very comprehensive and helped to improve my knowledge and skills in Health and safety, reduce risks, make workplaces healthier and safer for everyone and improve long-term business performance.


Self-learning of the fundamentals:
> Self-assessments of knowledge
> E-learning modules

Action regarding keys health and safety challenges:
> The central role of managers in health and safety
> Ensuring everyone commits
> Safety visits
> Attitude toward risks
> Incident analysis
> Crisis management



Teaching approach

Blended learning path: remote and face-to-face (Health and Safety experts, sharing of experiences between participants)


Non residential

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