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Interpersonal Effectiveness 1

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for who?

All employees

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3 days (on-site learning) or
3 half days (virtual classroom)

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Face to face or virtual classroom

This program is a must if you are looking for ways to improve how you interact with others.
Thanks to the support of coaches and facilitators, you will be able to explore how to know and use your own strengths for better relationships with others.
You will be able to get insights on the theory behind interpersonal relationships but also to experience tools through many practical exercises.
The digital format focuses on interpersonal effectiveness in a virtual world.

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  • > Understand how you behave and how your blind spots impact you and others
  • > Learn how to adapt your behaviors to achieve desired effects and results while interacting with a person or group
  • > Find new levers to manage complex relationships and conflicts

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They tell you about it

  • “Games” based on interaction among people and observation of the consequent behavior. Focus on behaviours/attitudes/postures and so on that we usually do mechanically / instinctively.

  • The emphasis on trust and confidentiality between the participants created an atmosphere of mutual constructive feedback.

  • The interactions, to learn to think in a different way than an engineer normaly thinks. A strong soft skill’s improver!


Prepare your training with a little questionnaire to guide you on how you interact with others

Understanding and improving how you interact with others through active listening and the basics of emotional intelligence

Taking perspective on interacting within a group for more efficient conflicts management

Interacting with others to become a better version of yourself : how to use feedback and co-development



Teaching approach

Experiencing real situations followed by debriefings, theoretical input to prepare workshops, co-development, use of psychometric test output (FIRO B, TKI) to prepare workshops


Face to face or virtual classroom

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