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Inspired Leader

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Face to face

This program deals mainly with inspiration: how to find it and how to convey it.
This programme follows Shakespeare’s most purpose led and inspiring leader, Henry V, to provide a template for leaders to evaluate themselves and examine their big projects. You will uncover and align with your source of inspiration to develop your sense of purpose, vision and your inner motivation. You will go through Henri V play to then explore the leadership challenges most relevant to you.

Targeted audience: Group level and BU level talents

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  • > Gain insights into the nature of inspiration, motivation and the building of trust
  • > Understand deeper your own sense of purpose and how to inspire others
  • > Improve your ability to use different leadership styles to unite team members behind a goal

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  • Dubai, February 2019

    Getting into real life situations quality of the staff.

  • Dubai, February 2019

    The concept of clearly portraying the picture/image to the audience of how the future will look like once the vision/mission is accomplished is powerful.

  • Dubai, February 2019

    Facilitation through a story and that people can move across different styles.


Assess purpose and distinguish mission and vision to build an internal SWOT analysis

Overcome the first blocks to success and learn how to manage your own crisis to turn battlefields into fertile gardens



Teaching approach

Exercises and coaching based on Shakespeare’s Henry V play


Residential – accommodation not included in the price, and to be booked and paid by participants directly with the hotel

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