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Impactful Communication

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for who?

ExCom, Support functions, Managers, Boost program participants

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1 day (on-site)
OR 2 half-days (virtual class)

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A mix of theory and practice

Inspired by "Me As A TED Talker", the flagship programme in our catalogue, Impactful Communication aims to equip each employee with the tools and techniques to make every speech impactful. Initially developed for participants of the Group's Boost programme, this training specifically targets high-stakes speaking situations, such as presentations to management committees, transformation project announcements, key communications outside the Group, etc.

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  • > Discover the keys to successful public speaking
  • > Deliver your messages effectively and convincingly in high-stakes situations
  • > Practise clear and effective presentations

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They tell you about it

  • Lively and clear.

  • Looking forward to my personnal coaching session.


- Make your audience audit
- Structure and write an impactful message
- Understand and practise the basics of body language in a speaking context
- Practise and increase your impact with feedback from your coach and peers

N.B : This training is not a substitute to media training. It is not recommended for participants who have already attended the "Me As A Ted Talker Training". Please contact us for a more personnalized training approach.



Teaching approach

In groups of 10 people maximum (or 7 people in a virtual classroom), feedback from an expert consultant, theoretical inputs, collective and individualised practical advice.
The programme can be followed by optional individual coaching, which can be activated up to 6 months after the course.


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Modalités d’évaluation

Expectations and knowledge & Skills quetsionnaire in preparation of the training & Post-session knowledge quiz

Prix de la formation

The prices of the programs are communicated to the HR Managers.