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Hydrogen for all

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All employees

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Digital training

This digital course enables all the Group's employees to acquire the fundamentals of hydrogen. It covers the subject from a technical, strategic and business perspective.

Through this program, you will be able, at your own pace, to better understand why and how hydrogen plays a key role in the energy transition. You will also be able to better understand the Group's strategy and activities on this subject.

This training course has been designed in collaboration with hydrogen experts from the Group.

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  • > Understand the key role of hydrogen in the energy transition
  • > Discover the different colors of hydrogen
  • > Understand the Group's blue and green hydrogen strategy
  • > Discover the physical and chemical characteristics of hydrogen and why this makes it unique
  • > Explore the different steps of the hydrogen chain and their level of maturity: production, transport, storage, end usages
  • > Understand the ecosystem of hydrogen players, the markets and the Group's business activities on the subject

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Presentation of the program and objectives
Quiz: test your level of knowledge on hydrogen!

Key role of hydrogen in the energy transition
The different colors of hydrogen and the associated production methods
Specificities of hydrogen compared to other energies
Safety aspects

Hydrogen value chain
Transport and storage
End usages

Ecosystem of hydrogen players
All stages of business development
Key elements of a business case



Teaching approach

This 100% digital course allows you to progress at your own pace. We offer a new, more mobile and multi-device learning experience through our U. Go environment. The course also remains available on U. Learn.


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