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4 e-learning modules of 20 minutes each, i.e. 1h20 in total

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Are you aware of the urgent and transient nature of our times? Do you want to identify the challenges facing our society and act for future generations?

This course is for you!
Discover how to "Think", "Be", "Act" and "Live sustainable" to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow.

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This course aims to provide you with the essential knowledge keys to integrate sustainability in your daily life.

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a. Understand the interdependence of environmental, economic and social issues in our society.
b. Know the basic concepts that constitute living systems
c. Integrate systems thinking into their thinking.

a. Question ecocentrism as an approach to sustainability.
b. Distinguish the characteristics of a global citizen.

Integrate sustainability solutions into your daily life.

a. Understand the principles of eco-design in relation to ecological principles.
b. Recognize collective responsibility and ecological intelligence as levers for sustainability.


Teaching approach

Each of the 4 modules of this course is organized as follows:

  • 1. Initial self-positioning
  • 2. Input through different formats: videos, questions, surveys, readings, demonstrations,...
  • 3. Validation quiz at the end of the module.


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