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Executive Communication

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Face to face

This program focuses on the importance for participants to boost the impact of their presentations, whatever the audience they are facing.
Preparation, storytelling, clear and impactful message are the key competences for successful presentations!

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  • > To synthetize, simplify and adapt his message according to the audience he’s facing
  • > To have to ability to deliver a story, putting together words and figures
  • > To be able to put in perspective, to project on the future, to tell a story with an analysis and figures
  • > To give meaning and impact to the message (storytelling) and to deliver it with conviction
  • > To find a better way to communicate

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They tell you about it

  • Paris, October 2019

    The professionalism of the trainers as well as their “friendly” approach in the explanations. I appreciated also the tips & tricks they provided to the participants.

  • Paris, October 2019

    The form of communication and experience of its presenters is something fantastic and motivating. Congratulations to all the team for this very useful training in our careers.

  • Paris, October 2019

    I very much appreciated the fact that the trainers “practiced what they preached” 😃. They applied themselves the “methodology” directly during the training and we could observe its effectiveness


Introduction to the pSCORE method to make any presentation Simple, Clear, Original, Relevant and Enjoyable. Objective: transformation, not information.

Using storytelling to build a clear structure, deserve the audience’s attention, and communicate key messages concisely and memorably. The two key moments: the introduction and the conclusion.

Making a pSCORE with your slides: beat Death By PowerPoint with slides that your audience will enjoy.

How to deliver your presentation as a leader, with executive presence.
Putting it all together: delivering your presentation.



Teaching approach

pSCORE implementation workshop and debriefings


Non residential

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