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Executive Communication

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On-site / virtual classroom learning

This program allows participants to boost the impact of their presentations according to the audiences they meet: preparation, storytelling, impacting and synthetic message, all the skills required for clear and successful presentations!

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  • > Apply the pSCORE method that makes any presentation simple, clear, original, relevant, and enjoyable
  • > Master storytelling: building a clear structure, earn audience attention, communicate key messages with efficiency
  • > Digest and implement the methods to produce a SCORE with slides your audience will enjoy
  • > Identify the tools and methods to lead your presentation as a leader, with commanding presence

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They tell you about it

  • The professionalism of the trainers as well as their “friendly” approach in the explanations. I appreciated also the tips & tricks they provided to the participants.

  • The form of communication and experience of its presenters is something fantastic and motivating. Congratulations to all the team for this very useful training in our careers.

  • I very much appreciated the fact that the trainers “practiced what they preached” 😃. They applied themselves the “methodology” directly during the training and we could observe its effectiveness


Introduction to the pSCORE method to make any presentation Simple, Clear, Original, Relevant and Enjoyable.
- Exercise to understand why most presentations fail
Objective: transformation, not information
- Exercise on understanding the audience’s needs
- Exercise to set action-oriented objectives and choose key messages, aimed at inducing action and/or emotion in the audience

Using storytelling to build a clear structure, deserve the audience’s attention, and communicate key messages concisely and memorably.
- ‘Elevator pitch’ exercise: 30 seconds to get straight to the point in simple terms
- Choose and use a sample storyline to build your test presentation
The two key moments: the introduction and the conclusion.
- Video examples and exercises on making a success of these two key moments

Making a SCORE with your slides: beat Death By PowerPoint with slides that your audience will enjoy.
- Exercise to understand why slides and handouts are completely different
- Interactive session on making slides SCORE
- Group exercise to illustrate their test presentation with a few score slides

How to deliver your presentation as a leader, with executive presence.
- Exercises with video examples to find and adopt a speaking style that makes people want to follow you
Putting it all together: delivering your presentation.
- Participants practice delivering their presentation in their group and receive feedback from trainers
- Grand Finale: One or two volunteers present in front of the whole group
Wrap-up and call to action.



Teaching approach

Theoretical presentation/ practical workshops


On site & Virtual Classroom

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Modalités d’évaluation

A self-assessment is offered to participants before the program and a knowledge quiz at the end of the program.
This quiz measures the progress of participants, and a minimum threshold is required on the quiz to validate the training.

Prix de la formation

The prices of the programs are communicated to the HR Managers.