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Environmental issues and decision making

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All managers

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Face to face 1,5 days
Virtual Classroom 3 x 1/2 day

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Face to face or
Virtual Classroom

This training program provides a better understanding of the Group's PURPOSE from an environmental and life cycle perspective.
Through this program you will be able to better understand other environmental issues beyond carbon such as: water and air pollution, resource scarcity, impact on biodiversity... and learn to adopt a life cycle approach.

It will enable you to master the basic principles of environmental assessment of products and services (Life Cycle Assessment), to learn how to use the results and to ask yourself the right questions, and to know how to use these results as a decision-making tool. And thus, avoid decisions that lead to pollution displacement.

This program also includes workshops on 2 key environmental issues: water and biodiversity.

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  • > Understand the Group's purpose
  • > Understand the concept of the life cycle of a product or service and the main principles of LCA (standardized reference method)
  • > Understand the concept of multi-criteria environmental impact
  • > Acquire this reflex of thought for any product, service or work, know how to question oneself and one's ecosystem (partner, manufacturer, purchasing channel, etc.)
  • > Be able to read and understand an LCA report
  • > Make decisions on the basis of this double understanding: life cycle and multi environmental criteria, taking into account the methodological limits (uncertainties etc.)
  • > Practice through case studies
  • > Understand the positioning of the LCA method in relation to other environmental approaches
  • > Acquire the fundamentals to understand environmental approaches such as eco-design or circular economy.
  • > Understand the framework in which the Group uses LCAs and the value they bring to the business
  • > Understand the associated socio-economic issues

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They tell you about it

  • February 2021

    "What I liked most: the immediate link with my daily subjects”

  • February 2021

    "A program with concrete application cases and practical exercises"

  • February 2021

    "The speakers are of high quality; their explanations are very clear and educational despite the complexity of the subject"

  • February 2021

    "The exchange of experiences and points of view between the participants coming from different backgrounds is very enriching"


Presentation of the group's purpose
Fundamentals of LCA: definitions, main principles, impact calculation methods, operational aspects
Case studies

Case study (continued)
Concrete testimony from a BU: the role of LCA in the Group
“Biodiversity” workshop

“Water” workshop
Case studies and decision making with LCA
Development perspective and research on the subject



Teaching approach

This training program has been designed and is led by ENGIE CRIGEN Lab experts. It alternates top-down sequences and interactive sequences (workshops, case studies).
In addition, a course on U learn will be available in September on biodiversity.


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