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Customer Academy

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for who?

Senior Managers, Boost Population, ExCom

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1/2 day x 4 of virtual classroom and personal work (1 h to 1h30 before/between each virtual classroom)

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Virtual Classroom

Engie B2B Strategic Marketing Program
ENGIE’s purpose is to act to accelerate the transition towards a carbon-neutral economy.
Engie is committed to develop offerings that reduce the carbon footprints of our customers (cities, local authorities and companies) for the benefit of all.

Customer orientation is therefore at the heart of our strategy and organization.

It is fundamental that Senior Managers and Boost Population are further equipped towards this objective, prepared to better embrace the client dimension in a service economy and therefore contribute to ENGIE cultural change and strategy implementation.

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Boost your customer centricity & service culture within ENGIE by:

  • > Understanding the basics of strategic marketing in the service economy
  • > Aligning ENGIE’s B2B commercial strategies with the transition to a service & solution Sales model
  • > Capturing more values in partnership with key customers
  • > Sustaining a service growth strategy over time within ENGIE

You will gain:
- a mindset focused on customer centricity, service culture and customer success
- updated skills on Strategic Marketing, Service & Solution Sales and Commercial Prototyping
- Behaviours concentrated on customer listening , strategic client relationship and stakeholder engagement

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They tell you about it

  • The Customer Academy was the best customer focus and customer experience session I have ever taken. Wolfgang's expertise was highly valuable and I learned so much from the course.

  • I loved the balance of the breakouts, the group homework, and the ability to do the coursework on your time.

  • I like the approach and learnings on Engie key accounts.


The 4 virtual sessions will focus on:

What is the growing shift from products to services and customer solutions (servitization).
What is a customer-centric service culture? Customer success? Customer experience ? Service excellence ? Customer satisfaction?
What are the key frameworks to master (Service Excellence Framework, 7S, Service GAPS Model…).

How to serve customers in new and better ways and capture more value for ENGIE?
How to identify growth opportunities and proactively ‘sell the bigger picture’ to our customers?
How to avoid giving value away for free or below a ‘fair’ price?
How to cut across internal silos and collaborate in cross-functional teams in solution sales?

How to firmly build customer centricity into our organization from a strategy, organizational & culture perspective?

Engie Cases studies are being presented and customer relationship are being deep dived on various dimensions.

Between each virtual sessions, a capsule video is requested to watch to understand the concepts and you will have some individual assignement to work on to transpose the learning in your specific Engie context.
Capsule 1: Service Foundations: An Introduction to key Concepts and Frameworks
Capsule 2: Cost-Effective Service Excellence
Capsule 3: Service Excellence – Value Creation & Value Capture
Capsule 4: Service Excellence - Culture & People



Teaching approach

  • 100% virtual and interactive
  • Case studies of ENGIE and companies in related industries
  • Cross-industry best practices
  • Video capsule/E-learning
  • Team activities and Group works
  • Lecture & Discussions
  • Action learning Assignments


Virtual Classroom, e-learning and individual/group assignements

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