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Co.Leaders Extreme IGNITE

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Senior Leaders from Pulse, GMR, E50

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6 sessions(16Hrs) over 8 weeks (2 X 2Hrs, 1 X 2.5Hrs, 2 X 3Hrs, 1 X 3.5Hrs)

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Virtual Classroom

Co.Leaders Extreme IGNITE continues the Co.Leaders Extreme journey with a new fully digital programme. IGNITE, designed in partnership with London Business School, maintains the focus on one dimension of the ENGIE Leadership Way: how to challenge the status quo, while addressing the complexities of our internal and external environment to align our leaders to successfully deliver the strategy and lead growth.

IGNITE challenges leaders to think about strategy differently during times of disruption and to ask themselves 'is there a better way?'. The program explores how leaders can be an architect to unleash the organisation for innovation and growth, while aligning the drivers of high performance to successfully execute strategy.

Participants are encouraged and supported to constantly develop “little extreme” changes in their environment.

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Unleash our abilities to lead growth through experimentation and application:

  • > Challenge the status quo, including challenging personal & collective assumptions
  • > Act with boldness and confidence (experimentation)
  • > Create and implement individual experiments and encourage the same in others
  • > Develop insight into creating strategy in disruptive times
  • > Understand how to lead and effectively execute strategy
  • > Discover how leaders can build an engaged, agile, innovative performance culture

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They tell you about it

  • TBC following session 1 which concludes in July


Programme launch, overview and expectations. Message & Q&A with Catherine MacGregor, ENGIE CEO and an oportunity to connect with colleagues on the progamme.

Strategy Making in Disruptive Times

Future Proofing the Organisation

Leverage What You Have to Spark and Sustain Innovation

Executing Strategy to Drive Results

Measuring impact: presentation of personal experiments, program close.



Teaching approach

Designed with London Business School, the program balances academic rigour with practical relevance.


Virtual Classroom

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