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Our programs

Agile Pass – Discoverer

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for who?

All employees with no agility or Lean experience

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Face to face : 1 day (8.30am-5.00pm)

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This training course aims to give employees the means to discover the "agile" mindset and implement team behaviors that promote agility, using a few basic tools.

This approach is based on an in-house representation of team functioning by ENGIE coaches from our various entities, drawing on concepts from "Lean" and "Agile IT".

The goal is to enable teams to progress on their working practices and to promote a more agile working environment. It will guide employees in facilitating initial actions within their teams.

Please note: this course does not cover Agile project management (Scrum, Safe, etc.) or Lean Management, and is aimed at novices in these fields. The Agile Pass Discoverer training course is designed to develop managerial agility and optimize team working methods.

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  • > Communicate and promote behavioral principles to foster an agile environment within your team
  • > Identify your need(s) to implement "Agile" principles into practice, based on a diagnosis by an internal ENGIE methodology
  • > Organize and facilitate collective intelligence workshops using simple agile/lean tools to meet the identified needs of your team(s)

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They tell you about it

  • I loved the overview-format, just exploring all the possibilities set within the discoverer wheel that covers the whole horizon

  • Good interactions – useful tools

  • Super learning format !! I liked it a lot !!!

  • I enjoyed working in small groups over 3 days

  • The variety of participants & profiles

  • The ability of the speakers/facilitators to manage so many people on a remote way during 3 half days


o 1. Well-being & Collaboration
o 2. ENGIE Agile model
o 3. Shared Vision
o 4. Effective Value Creation
o 5. Steering
o 6. Continuous Improvement
o 7. Basics of Facilitation

o Session 1 : Well-being & Collaboration + ENGIE’s Agile model
o Session 2 : Shared Vision & Efficient Value Creation
o Session 3 : Steering, Continuous Improvement & Basics of Facilitation


None (for agility or lean novices)

Teaching approach

  • 20% theory & 80% practice
  • Training based on practical experience in sub-groups during the whole training
  • Our internal learning model representing the territories of a team’s functioning (“agility wheel”): shared vision, collaboration, client orientation, value creation, continuous improvement, management, creativity & innovation, well-being
  • Implementation of a collective intelligence workshop based on simple agile/lean tools to get certified
  • Co-animation of the training by internal agile and/or lean and/or teams support experts


- Training support : presentations, workbook with tools seen during the training session, tools kit…
--> Tools example : speedboat, blazon, visual management & brief/debrief, KISS …
- Teams dedicated to exchange & have access to all training support

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Assessment methods

- A positioning and expectations quiz is sent to participants before the program
- Certification once an agile event has been implemented
- Final assessment carried out by the trainer

Price of the program

The prices of the programs are communicated to the HR Managers.

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