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Agile Pass Certification – Discoverer

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o Face to face : 1 day (9am-6.00pm)
o Digital : 3 times of 3h30 session on 3 consecutive days

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Face to face or digital

The aim of certification is to provide teams with the means to collectively improve their practices and behaviors by training agilists on a common Group reference framework.
The first level "Discoverer" will allow you to discover the ENGIE’s Agile model and will guide you in facilitating some initial actions within your team(s).

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  • > Communicate and promote your team by implementing the principles of the ENGIE’s Agile model
  • > Identify his or her need(s) and integrate them into your team practice
  • > Organize and facilitate a collective intelligence workshop based on simple agile/lean tools to meet the identified needs of your team(s)/client(s)

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o 1. Well-being & Collaboration
o 2. ENGIE Agile model
o 3. Shared Vision
o 4. Effective Value Creation
o 5. Steering
o 6. Continuous Improvement
o 7. Basics of Facilitation

o Session 1 : Well-being & Collaboration + ENGIE’s Agile model
o Session 2 : Shared Vision & Efficient Value Creation
o Session 3 : Steering, Continuous Improvement & Basics of Facilitation



Teaching approach

  • 20% theory & 80% practice
  • Training based on practical experience in sub-groups during the whole training
  • Our internal learning model representing the territories of a team’s functioning (“agility wheel”): shared vision, collaboration, client orientation, value creation, continuous improvement, management, creativity & innovation, well-being
  • Implementation of a collective intelligence workshop based on simple agile/lean tools to get certified
  • Co-animation of the training by internal agile and/or lean and/or teams support experts


Face to face or digital

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