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Our programs

Me as a TED Talker

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for who?

All employees, support functions, managers, ExCom

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1 day (on-site learning)
2 half days (virtual classroom)

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FR - EN - SP

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Face to face or virtual classroom

Every executive has to speak sooner or later for a public and it’s paramount for one’s career. ENGIE is rapidly transforming and there is a big need of executives able to address an audience in a convincing and professional way.
We are all ambassadors of the company, internally and externally facing a public familiar with ever-growing standards when it comes to speakers.
ENGIE University proposes a one-day program dedicated to becoming a Ted Talker. In very small groups and using their own professional content, the participants will learn and practice throughout one day all the essentials to rapidly become a Ted Talker. There is a sound pedagogic approach with lots of personal video feedback and a straightforward professional consulting on the structure, speaking techniques and visuals.

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  • > Be able to speak well for an audience during a conference or pitch
  • > Deliver your messages in an efficient and convincing way
  • > Know to find your resources and support of peers in a small but expanding speakers’ network

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They tell you about it

  • That the skills are applicable and allow you to adapt the message to the different types of audience that you will face.

  • Giving useful feedback and specific tips

  • Pragmatic and concrete approach, with exemples and exercices.


Get your act together
> Work on your presentation and submit it to the trainer
> Complete the survey on your persona development needs

Training Day
> Adapting your message
> Visual and technical aspects
> Body language, charisma, voice and cold feet

ENGIE TED Community
> Concise guide on Public Speaking
> Continue to get tips and tricks on TED talking
> Be part of the ENGIE Ted Talker community: be ready to pitch


Have a public speaking project

Teaching approach

Small groups (10 pax max for on-site learning and 7 pax max for virtual classroom), feedback by an experienced consultant, theoretical input, collective and individualized practical advice.


Non residential

Other programs suggested

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