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Me as a TED Talker

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for who?

Support functions, managers, ExCom

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1 day (on-site learning)
2 half days (virtual classroom)

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FR - EN - SP

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Onsite or virtual classroom

Sooner or later, the time comes when we have to speak in front of an audience. It is a key aspect of our careers. ENGIE, a rapidly evolving company, has a great need of employees with the ability to speak to an audience with conviction and professionalism.
We are all company ambassadors, either within or outside; we are in front of an audience with ever higher expectations towards speakers.
ENGIE University offers a 1-day to make a TED Speaker out of you. In very small groups and with the use of your own professional contents, you will learn and practice the key points to quickly become TED Speakers. The sound teaching approach of this course makes good use of individual video feedback and direct professional consulting on structure, speaking techniques and visuals.

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  • > Discover the keys of a successful public speech
  • > Deliver your messages in an efficient, convincing way
  • > Identify the techniques to give clear and efficient presentations
  • > Apply the Sparkline method to your pitching technique

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They tell you about it

  • Practical tips, quickly feasible.

  • Being filmed, advices on how to build a presentation, how to get more confident when speaking, practical exercises with roleplaying.


On your marks
> Work on your presentation and submit it to your instructor

1-hour sessions:
Introducing the power of perception
Message Structuration
First pitching exercise
Introduction to nonverbal language
Second pitching exercise


Have a public speaking project

Teaching approach

10-person groups max (7 in virtual class), feedback from an expert consultant, theoretical inputs and practical advices, collective and individual.


On site learning or virtual classroom

Other programs suggested

U.learn related contents

Assessment methods

Positioning questionnaire before the training. Continuous evaluation during the video sequences by the trainer.
Final assessment carried out by the trainer.

Price of the program

The prices of the programs are communicated to the HR Managers.

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